The Power of Intuition

Have you thought lately:

“I wish I could hear my intuition…”

 “Is my intuition talking or is it wishful thinking?”

 “How can I trust that I’m hearing my intuition and not something or someone else?”

 “Is it time to act on what my intuition is telling me?

Intellect vs Intuition

 If this sounds like you, please join Susan Bock and Sarah Michael for the first-ever, first annual Intuition Telesummit.  And it’s totally free – that’s right – totally free.

Susan and Sarah are gathering 12 experts on intuition to assemble the best voices around to share their insight on listening to your intuition, trusting what it is telling you and creating inspired action from that information.

Beginning October 29th, we will have 2 speakers per day at 12 pm PT and 1 pm PT to guide you through what you need to know to apply your intuition in every area of your life: romantic, interpersonal relationships and business or career.

This is for you if you are struggling to hear your intuition and know this is the time in your life to start accessing the power, brilliance and wisdom that resides within you!

  • Tuesday, October 29th
  • Wednesday, October 30th
  • Thursday, October 31st


  • Tuesday, November 5th
  • Wednesday, November 6th
  • Thursday, November 7th

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And the great news is that all 12 master teachers have each helped their clients (literally thousands clients!!) improve the lives of their clients by access the power of their intuition.  PLUS these are COMPLETELY new trainings you’ve likely never heard from ANY master trainers. There is a window of opportunity RIGHT NOW to claim your space that we don’t want you to miss.

Because this is a one-of-kind offering when this caliber of ‘intuition-power’ will be sharing their teachings, techniques and tools, the entire event will be recorded and available for purchase for $97.  You will receive: 

  • The downloadable MP3 recordings (you don’t have to worry about missing a call or wanting to listen to a call a second or third time)
  • Downloadable “Action Sheets” for each speaker. We’ve taken the key points and strategies from each speaker and summarized them on one page for you. This is a fast and easy way to have everything you need at your fingertips for quick reference.


Living in the light of our intuition

Sarah and Susan 

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